Mournes are buzzing after new bee type discovered

Mournes are buzzing after new bee type discovered

3 August 2022

A NEW species of Irish bee has been discovered at the foot of Slieve Donard in the Mournes.

Murlough National Nature Reserve has confirmed that entomologist Adam Mantell discovered the Lathbury's nomad bee or 'Nomada lathburiana' while surveying in the Bloody Bridge valley in June.

The Lathbury's nomad bee was spotted along with other rare species such as Gooden's nomad bee and the dark-winged blood bee. 

The National Trust says the discovery highlights the continued importance of the Mournes in nature conservation. 

A spokesman said with its comparatively warm and sheltered aspect, and many flowering plants, the location provides ideal nesting and food sources for bees and other heat-loving pollinators, which would not normally be found this far north.