Angela shares her life-long love of photography

Angela shares her life-long love of photography

14 October 2020

BALLYNAHINCH Camera Club member Angela McCullagh has had a life-long love affair with photography.

“My grandfather processed his own black and white family photos in his loft and my dad inherited all his equipment, so I have always been surrounded by photographic paraphernalia and love the whole process,” she says. 

Her first camera was an SLR Practica, which she bought 40 years ago, and she has always enjoyed trying to capture what she sees — even though it’s harder than it looks.

“When I had my first child, my photos were merely record shots and when I had my second child, I had no time to take any photos at all,” she recalled.

“It wasn’t until my children became more independent that I started to think about photography again and looked at what I was taking, rather than just pointing and shooting.

“I attended a night class in Lisburn Tech and as the only student using a 35mm film camera, I was delighted when I gained an A* and an award for the best photos in that year.”

Once the class was over, Angela found it hard to stay motivated without photographic assignments. Then she discovered Ballynahinch Camera Club and found it refreshing meeting other people with the same interest in photography. 

“I really look forward to club nights and enjoy talking to likeminded people,” she said.  “It motivates me to take photos for the competitions and I have seen my photography improve with the help of the more experienced members.

“I have embraced digital photography with enthusiasm and am always learning new techniques and constantly being inspired by the guest speakers and judges.

“I have used all kinds of cameras over the years, from my first SLR 35mm, then a Polaroid Instamatic, a Kodak Pocket Instamatic using 110 cartridges and now my digital SLR Nikon and iPhone.

“They have all produced varying results and I have found the cheaper cameras surprise me, as sometimes they can capture my favourite photos.”

She added: “I have been working during lockdown, as I work in the food industry, so haven’t had much time to take new shots but I always have my iPhone at the ready, just in case.”