Woman thanks fire fighters for Quoile dog rescue

Woman thanks fire fighters for Quoile dog rescue

21 August 2019

A WOMAN has thanked fire fighters who rescued her dog after it fell into the Quoile river last week.

Rosemary Blackwood said the firemen were “absolutely fantastic” for rescuing Maggie, her beloved two year-old Australian Koolie.

Rosemary, who is from Killyleagh, told how a walk along a stretch of the river near Downpatrick at around lunchtime last Friday almost turned into a nightmare.

“We were walking beside the river close to the old floodgates when Maggie decided to jump on a wall,” she explained. “When she turned round to look at me she lost her footing and fell into the river.”

“She managed to get out of the water and climb on to a ledge below the wall, but I was unable to reach her so I decided to phone for the fire brigade.”

The firemen were at the scene within five minutes and were soon lowering ladders down the side of the riverbank.

Two fire officers went into the water and coaxed a terrified Maggie out from under the ledge and she was then lifted to safety. The whole rescue operation took less than half an hour.

A relieved Rosemary said afterwards: I was really worried. I would never have been able to rescue Maggie myself. The firemen were absolutely fantastic. I just want to say a big thank you to all of them.”

As for Maggie, Rosemary reported: “She’s fine, just a bit wet and muddy.”