Walkers rescued in Mournes

Walkers rescued in Mournes

19 June 2019

MEMBERS of the Mourne Mountain Rescue Team went to the assistance of several walkers during  two incidents last weekend.

On Saturday afternoon the volunteer rescue team went to the assistance of a walker who had fallen and sustained a lower leg injury while crossing one of the rivers that flows into the Ben Crom Dam. 

The team responded and with assistance from other walkers, who came across the the injured man, established his whereabouts and stabilised his injury before carrying him by stretcher to a landing site for evacuation to hospital by a PSNI helicopter.

As part of the co-ordinated rescue operation, a Coastguard Rescue helicopter based in Caernarfon also responded but returned to base when it became clear that the police helicopter was able to land and complete the evacuation. 

Sixteen volunteers took part in Saturday’s operation and were stood down shortly before 8pm.

Less than 12 hours later, the rescue team was back in the Mournes responding to another emergency, this time involving two walkers who were lost in bad weather in the Loughshannagh area. 

The rescue team immediately responded and put a search plan in place, locating the two walkers along the Shannagh River. 

Team members were able to provide additional insulation for the pair, who were cold and wet but otherwise none the worse for wear.

A total of 18 members responded to the incident and were stood down at 11pm.