WI discussion on army huts

WI discussion on army huts

29 November 2023

THE Ballykinlar army hut project at Down County Museum was the subject under discussion at the November meeting of Seaforde Women’s Institute.

The representative from the museum who was to give the talk was unable to do so owing to illness, but Seaforde member Susan McDowell, who had visit the hut, stepped in at the last moment.

She gave an excellent talk on the history of the army camp, including the training of soldiers in both world wars, those who were wounded and nursed at the camp, it sure as a German prisoner-of-war many of which helped on 

local farms and a home for evacuees from Malta, whose children were taught English.

Numerous stories were of those who occupied the huts and what became of them.

The competition for war memorabilia was won by Margaret Broome, with Judith Wainwright second and Hilda Fleming third.

 A warm welcome was given to two new prospective members, Emily McCart and Belinda Torrence-Spence.

The birthday girl was Helen Newell and the ballot was won by Hilda Fleming.

The Book Club book for this month is The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks. The club meet on the first Tuesday of the month at the Mulberry Tree in Seaforde at 10.30am and is open to non-members of the Institute.

The next meeting of Seaforde WI is the Christmas party in the YFC Hall on December 11.