Van-tastic gig for Triona as she is to open for Morrison

Van-tastic gig for Triona as she is to open for Morrison

18 November 2015

A TECONNAUGHT singer-songwriter has secured the ultimate gig. Triona Carville has been invited to open Van Morrison’s hugely anticipated concert at the 3 Arena in Dublin on Friday.

Excitedly preparing for her performance before an audience of over 14,000, Triona, who recently turned 20, says the event will be her biggest showcase yet.

Although she has enjoyed growing success recently supporting Brian McFadden in London and Dublin and launching her first single Shining Light after the song was featured in a recent Power NI advertisement, performing her own material in a stadium setting will be a major accolade for the young artist.

Triona explains that the invitation from Van Morrison came after a promoter heard her supporting Brian McFadden. So impressed was the promoter, he sent her work through to Van Morrison to see if he agreed. 

This led to last week’s unexpected invitation from the music mogul Triona listened to as a child.

“Van Morrison is the biggest musical name from Northern Ireland and it is the biggest stage so it is very exciting,” said Triona.

“Growing up I listened to him as my parents like his work. I am buzzing about it. 

“I am more excited than nervous by the thought of the huge audience. I can’t let nerves get to me because that would affect my voice.”

As a result of the invitation for Friday evening, Triona is now a featured artist for Brian McFadden’s forthcoming gig in Belfast. She is also planning a return trip to Nashville, Tennessee, in a few weeks after being invited back to the world music capital by Jodi Marr who has written songs for Paloma Faith and Mika.

Triona worked with Jodie Marr during a summer trip to Nashville and said she had now been asked to come back to work with her once again.

Over a two week period she is hoping to sit down with Jodi Marr almost every day to put together new material, with the hope that one song might become her first major hit.

“I am very excited about what way that will go. She was really positive about the whole thing and loved everything I was doing,” she said.

“She is keen to help me develop as an artist and writer. I will be working with other equally high profile writers, which is amazing as they are so well connected.

“It is all about showcasing yourself and performing as much as possible and I will do everything it takes.”