Trust unveils poetry search

Trust unveils poetry search

19 April 2017

THE Harmony Community Trust has announced its third annual poetry competition.

The theme for this year’s competition is Trust and the judge will be British poetry publisher, Emma Wright. She is the founder of the Emma Press which has grown rapidly in recent years, despite the fears of the digital age killing off the printed book.

The competition’s director, Malachi O’Doherty, said that he was particularly glad to have Emma on board.

“She knows good poetry when she sees it and some of her recent finds have gone on to be major prize winners,” said Mr O’Doherty.

Previous judges of the Glebe House Poetry Prize have been poets Frank Ormsby and Leontia Flynn. This is the first time a publisher has been appointed.

“Well, think about it,” added Mr O’Doherty. “It’s the publisher you have to impress if you want a book out, not just other poets.

“Past winners have interpreted the set theme very broadly. We at Glebe are happy with that. What we want to see is imagination and elegance in the writing. I would say to entrants, take it anywhere and any way you like.”

Judge Emma Wright said: “In my role as editor and publisher at the Emma Press, I’m often on the lookout for new poems and I’m constantly amazed by the creativity and imagination of the people who submit. 

“For the Glebe House Poetry Competition, I’ll be looking for fresh voices with something interesting to say, and I hope that people with all different levels of writing experience send in their poems.”

Details on how to enter the Glebe House International Poetry Competition are available from the website: