Supporters raise £4,500 to help find missing Newcastle man

Supporters raise £4,500 to help find missing Newcastle man

6 February 2019

MORE than £4,000 has been raised to support the family of Newcastle man Connor Murphy, who has been missing in Amsterdam for over three weeks.

Friends and supporters from his home town and the Dutch capital where Mr Murphy has lived for the last three years have donated nearly £4,500 to help fund efforts to try and locate him.

Mr Murphy’s siblings and mother said that they had not given up hope of finding him.

Mr Murphy, who is known as ‘Murph’, has not been seen or heard of since Sunday, January 13 when he was last spotted in the Oudeschans area of the city between 1am and 2am.

His brother Matthew again appealed for information this week.

He said: “For Connor to be mission for this length of time is very strange. He could be anywhere in Holland and we just want to know that he’s OK.

“Our mother is hanging in there, just like the rest of us, and remaining positive.”

Matthew and his sisters, Rebecca and Allison, have been travelling back and forth from home to Amsterdam in their efforts to locate Connor.

The family have been working Connor’s circle of friends in Amsterdam to retrace his last known movements.

They have been sticking up posters in areas he was known to frequent, handing out flyers and contacting hospitals, hostels and homeless shelters and making appeals to the press and on social media under the hostage #letsfindmurph on Facebook.

It is a particularly difficult time for the Murphy family as Rebecca is due to marry later this month.

She was the last to speak to him on January 11 regarding him getting a passport to travel home for the wedding.

“As the days go by this just gets harder and harder. This is really out of character,” she said.

“We are banging on all the doors and not getting any answers. I don’t know what else to do to find Connor. We have searched Amsterdam with a fine tooth comb but still hold out hope of finding him.”

She also spoke of the “huge amount of love” for her brother and added: “He is so lucky to have such a good network in Amsterdam.”

Dutch police have issued a missing person appeal and are checking CCTV footage and the many canals in the city in the unlikely case he had fallen.

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