Successful Newcastle speech and drama pupils

Successful Newcastle speech and drama pupils

1 July 2020

A NUMBER of pupils from Mourne Stars Speech and Drama in Newcastle recently performed in the summer series of their examinations.

Despite the lockdown, teacher Clare Murnin continued to teach lessons in the evening through her online learning platform. This allowed pupils from beginners through to seniors to engage in drama lessons and fully prepare for their exams.

The lessons were fun-filled and although each of the pupils were in their own homes, they were able to interact with one another, as well as their teacher, to continue to develop their communication and performance skills.

They discussed and recited their favourite novels, poetry and some unseen extracts.

Clare said: “Each and every one of the pupils adapted so well which is a testament to their resilience during such uncertain times. They are all a real credit to their parents who were so very supportive throughout the whole experience.

The exam took place with a New Era Academy examiner in England assessing the pupils online via Zoom.

Clare said: “The whole experience was so smooth and parents even commented on how easy it was to use. They commented that the examiner was friendly, made the children feel at ease but was thorough and professional in her approach.

The third term of speech and drama was certainly very different. Clare had lessons for everyone, even those who chose not to do exams.

“Each lesson was fun and vibrant and certainly allowed the children to continue to develop in confidence and perform on screen with their friends each and every week,” she added. Clare hopes to continue lessons again soon and plans to keep online lessons, as well as the regular workshop classes for anyone who is interested. 

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