Stay at home and wait for plague to end

Stay at home and wait for plague to end

25 March 2020

WHAT do you write about when you’ve nothing to write about?  Turn your hand to writing for politicians, or indeed anyone else who says a lot without actually saying anything?

The reason for my dilemma is of course the absence of athletics or any sort of sporting activity in the area, due to the effects of the coronavirus which has rendered the sporting calendar totally devoid of activity, apart from the odd horse race meeting held behind closed doors.

I suppose if the truth were told it would be possible to fill several columns/pages with all sorts of comments on this particular subject.

Suffice to say that East Down AC has responded responsibly to the crisis by deciding that Jimmy’s Ten would not take place last weekend and had in fact closed down completely in advance of any edict to do so, with no training sessions for either seniors or juniors taking place.

This situation will unfortunately remain while the current crisis lasts. 

Additionally, because I am included in the age group which is regarded as most at risk, I have also been told to stay at home and indoors for the next three months.

I don’t need to tell any of you, even those of you who only get out for a walk or a short dander every day, with or without a dog, just how difficult I will find this, and that’s even though I am unable to run any more.

However, that’s the advice and impassioned pleas being made by the government and the health carers, which is very simply stay at home.

I know that runners often go out on their own to train and in fact many have been resourceful over the past week in finding places which are virtually people free to enable them to complete their training sessions in safe surroundings.

However, given that very many people choose to ignore the warnings and advice about the necessity for social distancing, my appeal to 

every runner is to stay at home for the duration of this crisis.

Only go out for a walk or a run if you have a garden or area which will ensure that you’re definitely on your own. There is still risk of picking up the virus if you accidentally run into someone while you’re in a presumed isolated spot.

I would hazard a guess that many of those families and groups which were filmed at many locations over the weekend went out initially seeking solitude but just decided that if others were doing it they would just join in.

I think that this is the danger of individuals deciding to do their own thing and when others see them on facebook or wherever they ask why should they and not me? So stay in touch via technology, keep each other’s spirits up and take care of yourself and those close to you.

So let’s all behave responsibly and not give anyone the opportunity to blame runners, whether justifiably or not, for endangering their own families and neighbours by their actions.

My wish is for everyone to survive this awful plague, so that we can all enjoy our running or whatever activity we indulge in, when the all clear comes.

And come it will.