Soccer fun at Tollymore

Soccer fun at Tollymore

25 August 2021

ANOTHER fantastic five days at the Tollymore United soccer fun week with the boys and girls taking part enjoying themselves and making new friends.

The soccer fun weeks have been busier than ever with families not being able to go away for their summer holidays and other activities being curtailed or cancelled.

In order to make the fun weeks as accessible as possible the Tollymore club charged the same price as the summer of 2019 when the fun weeks were last held. The club also offered discounts for siblings.

The club received some very positive feedback from parents for organising the fun weeks.

Said club chairman Adrian Howard: “It is really gratifying to have parents stop you in the street and thank you for delivering the fun weeks.”

“To be honest we were more than happy to do so as many of the boys and girls have not played any football since last March and it makes it easier for coaches when they return to their various teams.”

Adrian added: “Just as importantly, many of the younger boys and girls missed the chance last year to begin playing football and the fun weeks have helped to get them involved now.”

The fun weeks took place Monday to Friday from 10am to 1pm at the club’s Bear Park pitch with the boys and girls enjoying Mini World Cups and penalty shoot-outs, as well as well as footgolf.

It will not be long now until the various youth leagues start and the fun weeks should contributing to getting everyone ready.