Sit-out at Saintfield church for Clic Sargent

Sit-out at Saintfield church for Clic Sargent

6 December 2017

SAINTFIELD Parish Church has held its annual sit-out, raising over £1,600 so far for Clic Sargent.

It is the seventh year the church has carried out a sit-out on the town’s Main Street to draw attention to a charitable cause.

The team, consisting of the Rev Chris Pollock, Ian Gordon, William Drury and David McIroy, were on duty between midday and midnight on Friday and met with generous donations from members of the public.

Mr Pollock thanked everyone who donated to Clic Sargent, a charity that supports children and young people who have cancer, as well as the support team who provided much needed tea, coffee and shortbread.

“Over £1,600 has been raised so far which reflects the amazing generosity of Saintfield Community on Friday and over the remainder of the weekend,” he said.

“The giving of money from people rolling down car windows, to those at the Saintfield Street Fair who came over to outside the church and ped in money, was great to see.

“Clic Sargent also were superb in their support and encouragement. T-shirts, hoodies, posters, badges all made the sit-out much more visible and allowed people to see what the charity was and its core work.”

The church plans to present a cheque to Clic Sargent on Sunday during the 10.30am SPACE service in the Parish Hall. All are welcome.