Safety barrier call after latest accident

Safety barrier call after latest accident

5 December 2012

AN appeal has been issued to the Roads Service to erect a safety barrier at a sweeping bend at the Newcastle Road outside Ballynahinch.

A number of vehicles have crashed into a hedge at the bend, with the most recent accident occurring a few weeks ago. A car which struck the hedge, toppled over and landed in a field.

Councillor Garth Craig said the incident could have resulted in serious injury or worse and believes the time has come for a safety barrier to be provided at this particular location.

Last year, the local politician joined forces with Mr. Sean Savage, who owns the land adjacent to the sweeping bend, where a number of cars have crashed. On that occasion, the duo campaigned for the relocation of a number of British Telecom poles.

Following the latest accident at the Newcastle Road, councillor Craig and Mr. Savage want a safety barrier erected.

“The bend on this busy main road between Newcastle and Ballynahinch takes drivers

unaware, especially if they have not reduced their speed as they approach it,” said Councillor Craig.

“I will be approaching the Roads Service in order to have a barrier erected at this bend to help avoid the risk of a serious accident taking place.”

Councillor Craig said in addition to a safety barrier, he believes signs warning drivers they are approaching a dangerous bend should also be erected.

“I will be asking for this work to be carried out as quickly as possible, especially as winter is now upon us,” he said.

Councillor Craig added: “Mr. Savage regularly maintains the hedge and is constantly having to make repairs, but it takes a few years for a new hedge to be established.”