Ryan cooks up new appeal looking for second hand bikes

Ryan cooks up new appeal looking for second hand bikes

29 August 2018

RYAN’S Cookie Box is running a new appeal.

Not for customers — they have plenty of those — but they want your second hand bikes.

With the support of the Adsum Foundation the bikes will be shipped over in a container to Madagascar, one of the poorest countries in the world, where they will be a much-needed form of transport.

Ryan Bogues is a young man with Down’s Syndrome who uses his love of baking to raise thousands of pounds for charity.

For the past three-and-a-half years he has been leaving buns, tray bakes and scones outside his house on the Drumnaconagher Road, Crossgar.

It’s a venture that has been named Ryan’s Cookie Box and everyday regular customers and passersby stop at the roadside sign where they are invited to take a treat and leave a donation.

Ryan’s mum Hazel said the Adsum Foundation was the charity they were supporting this month, and it was particular favourite for Ryan.

“We supported it last year,” said Hazel. “It is based in Belfast and supports projects in Madagascar with school building and adult literacy programmes.

“Last year the money we raised went to buy picture books for the schools, and this year it is going towards the drilling of a new well.

“This year we are also hoping people will donate their second hand bicycles. Phoenix Cycle Club will collect them, check they are sound, and then once a year they are shipped over in a container to Madagascar through the Adsum Foundation.

“In Madagascar where the roads are very poor, bicycles are a much need form of transport. They transport food, medical supplies and teachers. Not many people realise it is one of the poorest countries in the world.”

So until September 6 Ryan’s Cookie Box is a -off point for people second-hand bikes.

“We would like them to be in reasonably good nick,” said Hazel. “Preloved adult bikes, but with a bit of life still in them.

“Ryan loves the charity. We can explain exactly how the donations are helping.”

“Ryan was also at the Glasgow World Down Syndrome Congress in July,” Hazel added. “He did a power point presentation on the Cookie Box which I hope offers some hope to other families.”

Fans of Ryan’s mouth-watering treats may also be interested to know that he is making an appearance at the upcoming Finnebrogue Artisan Hans Sloane Chocolate and Fine Food Festival in Killyleagh.