Public event to discuss your views on policing

Public event to discuss your views on policing

12 September 2018

DO you have something to say about policing in Down?

The PSNI and the Northern Ireland Policing Board want to hear your views on what could be done better.

PSNI Chief Constable George Hamilton and chair of the Northern Ireland Policing Board, Anne Connolly, launched a public consultation on local policing this week.

It is part of the Local Policing Review 2018, which will explore how police can best meet public need and demands.

Newry, Mourne and Down Policing and Community Safety Partnership will be hosting a public event in early October to discuss this consultation. The date has yet to be confirmed.

Chief Constable Hamilton said: “Over the past 10 years crime has reduced however the complexity and type of work faced by local policing has changed.

“Low level crime such as criminal damage and theft has reduced, but we now deal with much more complex crimes such as sexual exploitation and cyber crime.

“Increasing vulnerability in our society also has an impact on policing with around 150 of the calls we receive every day linked to a person with identified mental health issues.

“In addition to these changing demands, we have a reducing police budget and fewer police officers. We now have to consider how we can future-proof our service so that we can continue to deliver for our local communities.

“We cannot do this alone. Now, more than ever, we need to focus on building partnerships – working together with our public sector, voluntary and community colleagues and, most importantly, work with every individual member of our society.”

Mr Hamilton added: “The key driver for our future success is the confidence you have in us as a Police Service. This is why we need you, the community, to give your views on the future of local policing in Northern Ireland.”

The chairman of the Northern Ireland Policing Board, Anne Connolly, said: “It is important that the public have an opportunity to contribute to the discussion on the future delivery of their policing service and better understand the types of issues that the PSNI is facing in deciding where and how resources are used.

“Following the Review of Public Administration in 2015, the PSNI gave the Board an undertaking that local policing changes would be reviewed to ensure they were operating effectively.”

The consultation will run until November 9 and the public are invited to provide their response to three key questions via the PSNI website on:

The PSNI has also developed a ‘prioritisation simulator’ at — an online challenge that allows an insight into the range of issues involved in allocating policing resources. Those taking part will be able to prioritise where they think resources should be focused in the future.