Officials to review road safety around Mill Hill

Officials to review road safety around Mill Hill

12 January 2022

ROADS officials have agreed to take a fresh look at the need to enhance pedestrian safety at the busy Mill Hill in Castlewellan.

The move by the Department for Infrastructure comes after appeals by Slieve Croob councillors Roísín Howell and Cathy Mason.

Residents have raised safety concerns around the Corry Wood and Linen Hall housing developments with Cllr Howell explaining that parents are particularly concerned about young people crossing the road to access a bus shelter and school transport. 

“Cllr Mason and I contacted the government department asking that officials reassess this part of Mill Hill given that a new housing estate has been developed off the main road,” said Cllr Howell.

“We also requested that consideration is given to extending the existing footpath on the left-hand side of the busy road which would connect the business park with local housing developments, ensuring the safety of those who use public transport at the existing bus shelter.”

Cllr Mason said she and her Sinn Fein party colleague were delighted to receive confirmation that the Department is going to reassess the Mill Hill area for a suitable location for a crossing. 

“Officials have stated that the location which would be most suitable would probably be between Corry Wood Park and the business park and will include a proposed new footway at this location as well, if appropriate,” she said.

“Whilst the Department has made us aware that this would be this scored against other proposals in other council areas which would then determine if the works would be included on the priority list, my party is committed to ensuring constituents’ safety is paramount and will continue to lobby on this matter.”