Newcastle man Campbell on his Viking movie production

Newcastle man Campbell on his Viking movie production

2 June 2021

NEWCASTLE award-winning filmmaker Campbell Miller has began production on his latest docudrama.

Speak of the Devil is a Viking re-enactment of the Prodigal Son story focusing on the age old battle between good and evil.

“The production is coming along nicely, with actors and crew having settled in well,” said Miller.

“Many of the Viking props had to be made from scratch, as access to costumes and dresses from the viking period was quite limited, but the Viking historians and experts involved in the production have been simply outstanding,” he continued.

“Help from experts based in Co Down have really brought this film to life, with the design of set dressings and using decorative features like swords and shields, armour, animal skins and furs, and jewellery appropriate to the period.” 

Miller’s latest creation features around 40 actors, crew and support staff, who will be present at Glenpark Estate, the former Ulster History Park, in Co Tyrone where filming is currently taking place.

The film is produced by EWTN, the world’s largest religious media network and is Miller’s third docudrama with the production company in as many years.

The two previous productions ‘Bravery Under Fire’ and ‘Hope’, also featured historic recreations, and aired worldwide on the global EWTN network, SKY, Virgin Media and Amazon Prime. 

Copies of both films were presented to Pope Francis on two different occasions when they were screened in the Vatican. 

The hope film also won the prestigious international Global Gabriel Award last year.

Speak of the Devil has still some weeks left before production is complete. It will air later this year on Sky 588, Virgin Media 815, Amazon Prime, EWTN Global, and other platforms.