Murlough’s finest put in miles during January test

Murlough’s finest put in miles during January test

17 February 2021

IT has been a tough year for all us all and Murlough AC’s committee wanted to help members stay motivated throughout January by setting a challenge for the club.

Due to the restrictions and ANI guidelines, we no longer can train as a club, but we needed something to help us keep running during these difficult times. 

The club was split into teams and we all ran and walked as much as we could in January. The winning team with the most miles would get a donation to their chosen charity.

Little did the committee know that the club would reach incredible distances. By the end of January, the total club miles were only 1,000 miles short of reaching around the world, so we kept going. 

By the end of the 40 days Murlough AC members had run and walked an incredible total of 25,404.13 miles. We exceeded the target of 24,901 miles by 503.13 miles.

The commitment by the club members was just incredible and we had people completing over 400 miles. Everyone got on board and loved the competition.

The winning team, Miley Virus, chose as the favoured charity the Mourne Mountain Rescue Team, who received £800.

The next team, Happy Feet, decided to pick Air Ambulance NI, who received £400, and the third team, MACorona, donated £200 to the Pantry Food Bank.

Each charity were very grateful for the donation and the committee would like to thank everyone who took part in reaching around the world in 40 days.

Murlough AC would especially like to thank Charisse Poland for her hard work and commitment in organising the challenge and who kept us going to complete around the world in 40 days.