Megan’s amazing eight-and-a-half stone weight loss

Megan’s amazing eight-and-a-half stone weight loss

13 January 2021

MEGAN Rice walked through the doors of Slimming World ready to change her life around.

She knew it was going require commitment and working alongside her consultant and group support.

Megan was ready to do so and is glad she did as she has lost an amazing eight-and-a-half stones.

“My downfall was takeaways,” she admitted. “I just loved them and they were an easy fix.

“But at Slimming World I learned to adapt and make my own ‘fakeaways’, swapping fried rice for boiled rice and making SW chips at home.

“I’m a vegetarian and use a lot of Quorn. I love chilli packed with kidney beans too.

“The Slimming World website is packed full of recipe ideas for everyone, the online support at the touch off button is also fantastic with the launch off the barcode scanner which is so handy when out and about”

Megan says Slimming World has made such a difference to her life.

“Shopping is so much more enjoyable now as I can go and pick clothes that I really want to wear and feel comfortable with,” she said.

“I feel so much fitter and healthier now. In March when lockdown 

was announced I was delighted that my group was still open as we had the virtual service to keep me on track.

“I’m so glad it did as the support is very much needed when some weeks aren’t what you planned them to be.

Slimming World consultant Kelly McMullan says Megan is an “absolute star” at her Ballynahinch group.

“She has won three competition titles — Miss Slinky, Greatest Loser and also Woman of the Year — and is so deserving of them all,” she remarked.

“Megan has kept going, no matter what, and I’m super proud of her achievement.”

For more information contact Kelly on 07850 585294.