Meeting on future of Killyleagh library

Meeting on future of Killyleagh library

16 November 2011

MEMBERS of the Killyleagh community have been urged to attend a public meeting tonight to discuss the future of the local library.

The call to attend the meeting was made this week by representatives of the lobby group FOLK (Friends of the Library Killyleagh), who are campaigning to retain a library service in the village.

The campaign was launched earlier this year after library officials expressed concern about the viability of Killyleagh Library.

Campaigners are hoping a large turn out at the meeting, which will be held at St. Mary’s Hall, will show library officials the continued local interest in library provision.

Mr. Clive Scoular, from FOLK, said it was essential to see a good turn out at the meeting when members of the public will be given the opportunity to share their ideas about future library provision.

He said he was delighted by recent news that a new building at Irish Street may be used to house the library in the coming months.

Libraries NI are in negotiations with the owner of this building with a view to obtaining a lease that will permit the relocation of the library and Mr. Scoular said this could lead to a greatly improved library building.

A number of library supporters joined local politicians outside this proposed new building this week to look at possible plans for the new facility.

Among them was DUP councillor William Walker, who said he was excited by the possibility of securing the new facility for the benefit of the local community.

“Killyleagh needs this facility and it is up to us to continue with our campaign until we know library services have been properly secured,” he said.

“We need people at tonight’s meeting to show the continued high level of interest in a local library.”

Rowallane councillor Terry Andrews also urged people to attend the meeting.

“We are appealing for as many people as possible to come along and help copper fasten the future of the library in Killyleagh,” he said.

“We are all delighted that a new location has been found for the library and it is up to us to continue to help local campaigners who have already got so far.”

Tonight’s meeting will begin at 7.30pm in St. Mary’s Hall in Killyleagh. Everyone is welcome.