Killough-based film in the running for Oscar shortlist

Killough-based film in the running for Oscar shortlist

21 December 2011

A FILM shot entirely on location around Killough has been shortlisted for an Oscar nomination.

The Shore, directed and produced by Belfast movie-maker Terry George, is among the final 10 films shortlisted in the Live Action Shot category for the 84th Academy Awards.

Funded by Northern Ireland Screen, it tells the story of an Irish exile, played by Ciaran Hinds, who fled to America 25 years ago to escape the Troubles and returns home to bring his grown up daughter back to meet his childhood friends.

Inspired by a story he was told by a relative in Killough, the story has been a labour

of love for Terry George, who makes Coney Island his home in between worldwide film shoots.

Following the premiere of The Shore at Belfast Film Festival in April, he said: “I felt for quite a while it was a gap in my career that I hadn’t actually filmed in my home land, and it was the best experience I’ve ever had.

“Film in Northern Ireland has really ramped up. It has a strong infrastructure now, and the government and the community seem to be in favour of it. They aren’t jaded about people shooting on their streets.”

This is the third time Terry has been nominated for an Oscar, with two previous nominations for In the Name of the Father and Hotel Rwanda.

The 84th Academy Award nominations will be announced on January 24 and the Oscars ceremony will take place on February 26 in Hollywood.