Karen wants further glory

Karen wants further glory

11 April 2018

A KILLYLEAGH legal secretary is starting to lay the law down in the world of powerlifting.

Fifty-year old Karen Burns recently returned from the European Masters Championships in Sweden where she won a bronze medal — not bad for a grandmother who has been competing for less than two years.

Karen, who is also a grandmother, trains four times a week at Conor Gelston’s gym in Annacloy. She is coached by Aaron Kelly, who is Karen’s driving force.

Only a few months after taking up the sport, Karen took part in the the Northern Ireland Championships and 12 months later had progressed enough to participate in the British Championships in Belfast.

The icing on the cake came later that year when she represented Northern Ireland at the Commonwealth Powerlifting Championships in Africa.

Unfortunately, she is unable to attend the IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships in Calgary, Canada, in June after being selected by the Great Britain Federation.

“ I was delighted to receive the invite to attend the games in Calgary by the GBR team, but this is a self-funded sport and I have other priorities,” she said.

Karen, a daughter of Killyleagh YC stalwart Hugh Young, comes from a family steeped in sporting prowess and has been bestowed with a keen competitive spirit.

“I started out looking for ways to keep fit, but I was bitten by the competitive bug and just want to get better and better,” she added.

In addition to winning the bronze medal at deadlift, Karen also recorded personal bests in the 100 kg squat and 52.5 kg matched bench press categories.