John shares scenic photos from around the county

John shares scenic photos from around the county

1 July 2020

JOHN Williams is a driving instructor who gives lessons in the greater Downpatrick area. When he’s not doing that, he’s usually out and about taking photographs as the owner of Photographic Ireland.

He always carries his camera in the car just in case he has any time to spare to take a few photographs.

John has another hobby — riding his motorbike — and as a long time participant of the Irish Photo Rally he also brings his camera along.

John says tries to avoid taking what he describes as “cliché photographs” where he can and tries to look for that slightly different angle or aspect to a photograph. 

John is also very fond of travelling to Belfast or Dublin to spend the day doing what’s known as “street photography”,  which involves taking candid, but hopefully interesting, photographs of everyday life that tell a brief story.

To see these photographs in more detail and others that John has taken, go to www.Photographic or follow him at PhotographicIreland on Facebook.