From Dundrum to Zambia as club donates trainers

From Dundrum to Zambia as club donates trainers

16 November 2011

LOCAL athletes have donated over 100 pairs of trainers for people in Zambia.

Murlough Athletic Club, organisers of the recent GR8 Dundrum run, asked participants to bring along their old trainers which were collected by club members for use in Zambia.

This week, the trainers were delivered to Dublin where they will embark upon the first leg of their journey to Siankaba Village in Zambia.

Murlough AC member Carol McMenamin visited Siankaba in August while on holiday with her family and met with Malindi Lubinda the headmaster of the village school.

Carol said most of the villagers had no shoes or very flimsy flip flops.

She continued: “It occurred to me that the

shoes we discard after a certain running mileage could be recycled and sent there and this was how the idea to collect old trainers came about.”

The Murlough AC official said the headmaster of the Zambian school said people in the village are very grateful to the runners in Ireland for their support.

Murlough AC Committee would also like to thank everyone who donated their old trainers to this very worthy cause.