Fly-tipping concerns around Ballynahinch

Fly-tipping concerns around Ballynahinch

7 April 2021

A SOCIAL housing provider is to be asked to help address a fly-tipping issue in Ballynahinch.

Choice Housing will be asked to implore tenants at its Riverside Road development in the town to dispose of their waste properly.

The appeal by Rowallane councillor Billy Walker comes after an old mattress, furniture and dozens of empty beer cans and bottles were discovered in a field at the rear of the social housing development.

The waste was found by a farmer who owns the field and while under legislation he is responsible for its removal, Cllr Walker argues that this should not be the case in this instance. 

He wants Choice Housing to remove the material and has asked officials to agree to a socially distanced site meeting to discuss the matter.

“I believe that the waste has been dumped in the field by some of those who live locally,” suggested Cllr Walker.

“It is my understanding that there are a number of properties which back on to to the field where the waste was discovered. That is why I am keen to meet on site with Clanmill representatives.”

Cllr Walker is also keen for the social housing provider to reaffirm with residents the importance of disposing of their waste properly and the channels which are available to them to do this, including the town’s household recycling centre and the bulky waste collection service offered by Newry, Mourne and Down Council.

“Fly-tipping is illegal, creates a blot on the landscape and hits ratepayers and landowners in the pocket as they have to pay for its removal,” he said.

“I believe that the farmer whose field has been targeted by illegal dumpers should not have to pay for it to be taken away and hope that Choice Housing will foot the bill. 

“This fly-tipping has been going on for a number of weeks and it has to stop. Such behaviour blights highways and byways across the district and those who engage in such behaviour are selfless.”

In addition, Cllr Walker said that those who dump their waste illegally are committing an “environmental crime”, with the mentality of such individuals particularly difficult to fathom.

“The cost of removing waste dumped illegally is financed through the district rate so everyone is hit in the pocket,” he continued.

“Moreover, there is simply no excuse for this kind of behaviour as there are so many ways for people to dispose of their waste legally and safely.

This behaviour cannot and will not be tolerated.”