Fly-tippers ‘blighting’ Killyleagh as rubbish is dumped

Fly-tippers ‘blighting’ Killyleagh as rubbish is dumped

13 October 2021

ILLEGAL dumpers are using the cover of darkness to get rid of their waste in Killyleagh.

Over the past number of weeks, waste has been dumped on land at Kerry Hill in the dead of night  with the latest items to be left at the estate including a plastic oil tank and coal bunker.

Rowallane councillor, Billy Walker, said residents are fed up with part of the estate being used as an open air dump and has appealed to those involved to stop.

The Housing Executive has agreed to remove the waste, with residents concerned that it won’t be long before the illegal dumpers strike again.

Cllr Walker said people must dispose of their waste properly and have no excuse for not doing so, given the close proximity of household recycling centres in Downpatrick and Ballynahinch.

He said while illegal dumping is nothing new across the Newry, Mourne and Down Council area, there are those who simply refuse to use the various options open to them when it comes to getting rid of their waste.

Cllr Walker said it “beggars belief” that anyone would dump waste at the densely populated Killyleagh estate.

“Fly-tipping and illegal waste are issues which the district has yet to fully get to grips with,” he declared. 

“This unsightly waste is a blight on the landscape and we have a a hardcore of people who will not use our household recycling centres. In addition to that, the local authority offers a bulky waste collection service from people’s homes for a relatively small fee.”

The Rowallane councillor said ratepayers have a responsibility and a duty of care to make sure their rubbish doesn’t end up being illegally dumped.

And while he argued that not everyone should be painted with the same brush, he said there are those who care little about dumping their waste at the first convenient spot they come across.

“We have a large number of people who use the district’s recycling centres but, for some unfathomable reason, we have a hardcore who dump their waste wherever they like. These people need to wise up.”

Cllr Walker said those who dump waste illegally not only care little for the area where they live or the environment for that matter, but have no respect for residents, including those who live at the Kerry estate in Killyleagh.

He has also appealed to anyone who knows the identity of people who get rid of their waste illegally to contact the authorities.”

“What I cannot understand is that those who dump waste illegally fail to realise that the cost of removing it is met by ratepayers and taxpayers,” he continued.

“Effectively, those who live locally and dump their waste illegally end up paying to have it removed. Clearly this has not registered with them. The bottom line is that there is simply no excuse for illegal dumping as there are so many ways for people to dispose of their waste legally and safely.”

The Rowallane councillor, who has heavily criticised illegal dumpers in the past, said those who engage in such “despicable behaviour” must feel the full force of the law.

“Given that this problem has sadly been with us for many years, the courts must send out a powerful message that this behaviour will not be tolerated. Our town centres and rural areas must be respected.

“Despite what some may argue, these locations are not to be used as open air dumps. Those who engage in such behaviour should know better.”

The local councillor said everyone has a responsibility and a duty of care to make sure their rubbish doesn’t end up being illegally dumped. 

“When it comes to dealing with illegal dumpers, a slap on the wrist or verbal warning is not good enough. Tough action is required from the courts,” Cllr Walker added.