Fishermen urged to assist in survey

Fishermen urged to assist in survey

15 August 2018

TRAWLER owners and skippers in Ardglass are being encouraged to have their say on the state of the fishing industry.

The appeal has been issued by the Seafish organisation which is conducting its 13th annual economic survey of the UK fishing fleet.

Data is being gathered on fishing and vessel costs to provide a comprehensive overview of the financial and operational performance of the fishing industry. 

With the UK preparing to exit the European Union, Seafish says it is vital fishermen provide accurate data to paint a clear picture of the performance of the industry for policy makers in anuncertain political and trade landscape. Key issues highlighted by skippers include the 

availability of fish, quotas, oil and fuel prices.

Seafish says the survey provides an opportunity for the industry to provide up-to-date information on their successes and upcoming challenges, helping their voices be heard.

As part of the survey, those in the industry will be asked for their age, qualifications and working arrangements.

Seafish economics project manager, Steve Lawrence, highlighted the need to find out more from those on the front line of the fishing industry how their economic performance has been over the past 12 months. 

“This insight means we can keep all those in the sector fully informed on the health of the fleet,” he continued. “For us to be able to keep policy makers informed with our reports, we need as many skippers and vessel owners as possible to be involved and have their say.”

Steve continued: “ This year we are also collecting social data about the crews working on board UK fishing vessels. Collecting this information helps us to build up a much more detailed picture of the UK fishing industry. 

“The data is also vital to ensure decision makers understand how communities and livelihoods are affected by changing management measures, particularly now as we head towards EU exit and a new fisheries policy.”

Steve said Seafish appreciates the continued support of the fishing industry in Ardglass and the other Co Down ports and is encouraging those in the industry to speak with its researchers.

He added: “There is an added benefit for participants. All vessel owners can request a free financial performance benchmark report which allows comparisons with the average performance of similar vessels.”

Anyone interested in taking part in the survey should contact Steve Lawrence at Seafish on 0131 524 8663 or email