Dumping blamed on service withdrawal

Dumping blamed on service withdrawal

23 November 2011

A ROWALLANE politician is blaming illegal dumping at the Tobar Mhuire monastery in Crossgar on Down Council’s decision to withdraw its Saturday morning bin collection service from the village.

The local authority withdrew the service from Crossgar, Killyleagh, Saintfield, Ardglass and Killough a number of weeks ago as part of a cost-cutting move.

Council officials argue the service is no longer required as there are civic amenity sites in Downpatrick, Ballynahinch and Castlewellan for people to get rid of their waste.

A number of local politicians criticised the move, warning the axing of the Saturday morning service would result in people dumping their waste in the countryside and secluded areas.

There have been a number of fly-tipping incidents at the Crossgar monastery over recent weeks, with the latest taking place just a few days ago when 11 bags of waste were dumped.

Councillor Terry Andrews has criticised those responsible and fears other people may opt to dump their waste illegally in the run-up to Christmas and after the festive season.

He believes it is no coincidence there has been an increase in illegal dumping in the wake of the council decision to axe the Saturday morning service.

“Rubbish has been strewn about the grounds of the monastery and areas are rather unsightly. People who have no access to transport to take their waste to a civic amenity site are perhaps responsible, but they should not be engaging in this kind of behaviour.”

Councillor Andrews said he also fears that public access to the monastery could be curtailed if the illegal dumping doesn’t stop.

He added: “I have previously  appealed to Down Council to  overturn its decision to axe the  Saturday morning collection and  do so again. I fear that more people will resort to getting rid of their waste illegally which results in ratepayers’ money being used to remove it.

“People across the district concerned about the loss of the Saturday morning service should also register their concerns with senior council officials.”