Crossgar bus stop appeal near new road crossing

Crossgar bus stop appeal near new road crossing

13 January 2021

THE provision of two new crossing points at Downpatrick Street in Crossgar has prompted calls for a bus stop in the area to be relocated.

The new crossing points — located above and below the SuperValu store — were put in place before Christmas to improve pedestrian safety.

However, the position of one of the crossing points was described by a concerned businessman as “unacceptable” at what is one of the district’s most busiest routes in the village.

Located within yards of each other, one of the crossing points has resulted in traffic congestion when buses stop to collect and off passengers.

Some in the business community are concerned that this situation “will become the norm”, with the crossing point below the SuperValu store impacting on on-street parking provision and delivery lorries transporting goods to businesses in the area.

In addition, there are concerns that this particular crossing point has created a traffic problem that didn’t previously exist with the loss of parking spaces impacting on businesses including a bar, off licence, hairdressing and beauty salons and a Credit Union.

Rowallane councillor Patrick Brown, who has welcomed the provision of the new crossing points, is urging Translink to relocate the existing the bus stop further into the village in the direction of AJ’s Diner. 

He said while he is pleased that the Department of Infrastructure has improved road safety in Crossgar, he is aware that the combination of the newly installed islands with the bus stop is having an impact on traffic flow when buses stop.

“As such, I appreciate and understand the concerns of local businesses and residents who are worried that in an attempt to increase pedestrian safety, there will also be a surge in traffic congestion around the bus stop,” said Cllr Brown.

He added: “I hope that Translink will be open to the small adjustment in location, which would lead to a considerable improvement in traffic flow. 

“I look forward to working with them on this, so that we can ensure our roads are safe, whilst also providing ease of travel in the community.”  

The Department for Infrastructure said that as part of the organisation’s Active Travel programme new traffic safety measures were introduced in Crossgar which involved the construction of two central pedestrian islands, tactile paving, dropped kerbs and associated signage at both locations. 

Officials say the pedestrian islands are designed to take account of the existing layout where no retail frontages are directly affected by the new safety measures.