Councillor welcomes new fence to help halt anti-social behaviour

Councillor welcomes new fence to help halt anti-social behaviour

29 June 2022

THE Housing Executive has responded to concern about disturbances caused by motocross riders and erected a new fence between Burrenview Court and a field that runs towards the Tollymore Road in Newcastle.

The move has been welcomed by Mournes councillor, Laura Devlin, who said residents at this part of the resort have been “tortured” by the noise of the motorcycle scrambler machines, very often late into the evening.

Describing the noise as “relentless”, she said it is a concerning issue for those who live along the Castlewellan Road, the Marguerite and Tollymore Road areas in particular.

“People have been unable to enjoy their gardens or put their children to bed. This simply wasn’t acceptable,” continued Cllr Devlin.

“Colin McGrath MLA and I have been involved with various agencies and tried our best to secure an improved quality of life for those residing in the area.”

Cllr Devlin said the new fence erected last week by the Housing Executive comes on the back of a similar move by the Department for Infrastructure which erected railings at the edge of Burrenview Way.

“This particular fence was put up to prevent scramblers travelling at speed along an entry to the rear of Burrenview Way and ultimately accessing the field that runs to the Tollymore Road. Huge thanks to housing officials and the government department for taking on board local concerns and addressing them,” she continued.

But Cllr Devlin said the issue within Burren Meadow still needs to be addressed and revealed she is currently working with Apex Housing in the hope that additional improvements will be forthcoming.

She added: “People deserve to live in peace. I would appeal to those families who have scramblers if they know where the machines are being utilised and to please raise people’s concern with their children.

“Riding motocross machines so close to people’s homes is causing major issues and some children with additional needs are being unsettled by such activity.”

Cllr Devlin said she hopes that further improvements will be carried out in order that all residents in this part of Newcastle can enjoy their outside space, settle their children and open windows within being drowned out by the noise.