Councillor hits out at bin vandals

Councillor hits out at bin vandals

7 April 2021

VANDALS who set fire to a litter bin in Ballynahinch have been condemned by a local politician.

Rowallane councillor, Terry Andrews, said the incident in High Street was one of a number in the town centre area.

Cllr Andrews said he condemned the “wanton destruction” without reservation and appealed to those who engage in such behaviour to stop.

“Such behaviour is totally out of order and the cost of replacing the waste bins falls on the shoulders of ratepayers which means the parents of those responsible for these incidents will end up paying for them to be replaced,” he said.

“This kind of trouble, which has been witnessed in various parts of the district, must end. There is no excuse for it and those who get a kick out of creating mayhem and setting fire to litter bins must stop.”

Cllr Andrews said no-one will condone what happened in Ballynahinch and troublemakers must not be allowed to continue with such behaviour.

“Allowing anti-social behaviour to go unchecked and unchallenged can lead to serious repercussions and this must not be allowed to happen,” he declared. “Parents must warn their children of the dangers of getting involved in a vicious cycle of trouble which could have far-reaching consequences and land them with a criminal record.”

Cllr Andrews has appealed to anyone with information about the recent arson attacks to contact police so those responsible can be apprehended.

“If people are reluctant to contact the PSNI they can provide information anonymously via the Crimestoppers number 0800 555111.