Chance encounter secures Coney Island singer deal with top music producer

Chance encounter secures Coney Island singer deal with top music producer

11 January 2012

THE sky is the limit for a Coney Island singer-songwriter who has grabbed the attention of a world renowned music producer.

Jayne Trimble has recently returned home from a three-month spell in Nashville, Tennessee, where she had a stroke of luck which she hopes may kick-start her international career.

One evening in Tennessee, Jayne and a friend sang a capella outside the Americana Music Awards in the Sheraton Hotel in a bid to impress some of the biggest names in the music industry. In a moment she describes as “serendipitous”, Jayne captured the attention of an associate of producer John Keane.

He recommended her to Mr. Keane, who has worked with artists such as REM and the B52s, who subsequently agreed to work with Jayne.

Jayne was delighted to have the opportunity to work with the master of his craft and is now looking forward to the launch of an EP produced by him.

This debut four-piece album Run Onwards will be available from iTunes and Amazon, and directly from Jayne herself, later this month.

The EP includes four tracks Jayne wrote over the past two years.

Her style is in the folk tradition with influences from bluegrass and traditional American music.

Inspired by artists such as the Carters, Johnny Cash, Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan, she is fervent about her own creativity and says she loves the freedom she has when singing her own music.

“I sang covers while I lived in London, but it is restrictive singing somebody else’s music so I do not do it any more,” she says.

“I hope I am the antithesis of the X Factor.”

Jayne is now settling in back home and is familiarising herself with the local music scene to find an outlet for her music.

She is hoping to tour locally in February and is particularly seeking out “less obvious” venues.

She is also planning a Canadian tour where she is hoping to do some “living room sessions”, a popular American concept of performing in peoples’ homes.

“I am very excited about how this is all turning out,” she says.

To find out more about Jayne Trimble access her website