Carryduff man launches debut children’s book

Carryduff man launches debut children’s book

6 November 2019

CHILDREN show up to school everyday with books by their favourite author, but imagine how rare it was when a little girl from Carryduff showed up with a book written by her father this week. 

When eight year-old Erin Mulligan brought her dad Marius’s newly published children’s book, Franass and The Princess, into St Ita’s Primary School she almost raised the roof. 

Erin began by reading aloud the story of a little girl and her favourite pet donkey called Franass, who was kidnapped, and the exciting journey that follows when she sets out to rescue him. 

Just a few days earlier 49 year-old house-husband Marius Mulligan launched the book in the local St Joseph’s Parish Centre. 

Marius explains the idea for the book began one evening just before bedtime. 

He said: “The story really evolved from a clatter of stories I tell to my children before they go to bed. When I was small my father used to tell us lively yarns about animals and their owners which kept us highly entertained for hours. 

“I suppose by writing one of these stories and having it published I have just took story time to a new level.”

Marius describes that Franass and The Princess is pieced together from those stories to make up one adventure. 

He added: “The story is loosely based on the people I remember as a child growing up along the Fermanagh border around Roslea. 

“It centres around a day in the life of a little eight year-old girl, not unlike Erin, and the interactions she has with her neighbours as she tries in ernest to uncover the whereabouts of her pet donkey called Franass.”

While Marius is no stranger to writing sports reports for Carryduff GAC, as well as community pieces, writing his first children’s novel was something completely new to him. 

He said: “I had it written in no time. The process came easy to me. I would describe the story as a fanciful adventure and I am very grateful to be given the opportunity to publish it. The entire process began in January this year and within a few months I had the story created.

“I have had the story beautifully illustrated which helps bring it to life. My little girl loves the story, so that’s always a good indicator as to how the book might perform in the Christmas market.”

Franass and the Princess is available to buy direct or online from the long established publisher Shanway Press, based in Belfast and specialise in new local authors.

The book is also avail to purchase for £10 direct from Marius by email and Amazon.