Care package deliveries to Dundrum senior citizens

Care package deliveries to Dundrum senior citizens

7 April 2021

SENIOR citizens in Dundrum are to be presented with care packages thanks to a new initiative funded by the Housing Executive.

The cross-community village association secured £500 to put together packages designed to tackle social isolation and improve general well-being. 

One hundred gift bags featuring jigsaws, puzzle books, crafts and recipes, plus the ingredients for making an afternoon tea, will all be distributed. And there will also be positive social interaction with community members when volunteers deliver the bags. 

Members of the village group say socially distanced visits are an opportunity for residents to discuss any concerns they may have, whilst providing emotional support and reassurance.

The group’s chairwoman, Amanda Ferguson, thanked the Housing Executive for the recent grant allocation.

“Dundrum’s senior community is the heart of our village and lockdown has decimated everyday social contact on top of cancelling events like the Christmas lunch,” she explained.

“With the generosity of the Housing Executive, Clanmil Housing Association and Down Rural Community Network, we have been able to buy the 100 gift bags and hope that this gesture, hand-delivered with a socially distanced chat at the same time, shows we haven’t forgotten anyone and better times are on the way.”

Liam Gunn, the Housing Executive’s South Down area manager, explained that funding 

from the organisation’s community grant scheme can be used to support a range of initiatives that also promote health and well-being.

“This recent allocation to Dundrum Village Association is an excellent example of how communities are working to bring people together and help tackle social isolation and boredom due to the effects of Covid-19,” he said.

“Well done to the community group for using our funding to give people a special package to show they have not been forgotten about during this difficult time.”