Call to remove unslightly overgrowth

Call to remove unslightly overgrowth

5 September 2018

REMOVING hedges and bushes from either side of the Quoile Bridge outside Downpatrick could help make a feature of one of the busiest entrances to the town, according to a local politician.

South Down MLA Colin McGrath said the removal of the greenery would also expose views of the picturesque river which many people are not aware of as they approach or leave the town.

The MLA said the Belfast Road approach should reflect Downpatrick’s county town status with the removal of the greenery “a great way to achieve this” and also expose the bridge over the river.

“Many people do not realise that every time they travel out of Downpatrick or come into the town via the Belfast Road that they in fact cross a bridge” he continued.

“This bridge is currently covered by hedgerow and bushes and if this was cleared away it would expose the river.

“This work would remind people they are crossing a river into the town and would help promote the Quoile and associated aqua activities which could help benefit Downpatrick.”

Mr McGrath said he was keen to see Downpatrick “shine” under its county town designation, highlighting the need to expose the local river’s natural attributes.

He added: “The river is a beautiful, natural resource but it feels like we do not maximise it. I will be asking Newry, Mourne and Down Council and Transport NI to see if the hedgerow and bushes can be removed and develop the entrance to a town many have pride in.”