Ban for motorhomes in Newcastle car parks

Ban for motorhomes in Newcastle car parks

18 April 2018

NEWRY, Mourne and Down Council is to ban motorhomes from two of Newcastle’s most popular car parks.

Local politicians are tonight expected to rubber-stamp a recommendation to ban the vehicles from the Downs Road and Glen River car parks.

A dedicated area for six motorhomes is to be provided at Donard Park, with a 12-hour restriction on parking.

Council officials are seeking approval at tonight’s meeting of the local authority’s Regulatory and Technical Services Committee to erect height restriction barriers which would prevent motorhome owners from using the two car parks.

The move is designed to address increasing concern about the number of motorhome owners eating up valuable spaces that could be used by residents and visitors.

Council officials also examined the possibility of providing dedicated motorhome spaces at the Islands Park car park but this option was ruled out, opting for the much larger Donard park instead.

The new barriers will be specially designed and feature a silhouette of the Mournes along the top and while they will be locked, keys will be issues to the emergency services, local Coastguard and local authority cleansing and maintenance crews.

Council officials have been provided with a number of quotations for the work, with the contract due to be awarded following tonight’s meeting.

Mournes councillor Willie Clarke, has welcomed the recommendation and has asked council officials to ensure that good quality barriers are installed to complement the seafront, following the multi-million pound investment on the resort’s promenade and streetscape.

“The erection of tacky standard barriers would not be appropriate and I am content with the proposed bespoke barriers which incorporate a silhouette of the Mournes,” he said.

“I had also requested officers ensure the council provides dedicated facilities in Newcastle for free motorhome parking provision and am glad this is included in the recommendation we will discuss this evening.”

Cllr Clarke added: “It is vitally important we work with the motorhomes owners and we need our region to be a welcoming place for visitors. It has to be recognised that the displacement of motorhomes from Downs Road and Glen River car parks have to be accommodated elsewhere.”