Ballynahinch plan gets design team

Ballynahinch plan gets design team

2 November 2011

A DESIGN team has been appointed to draw up plans for a new £2m environmental improvement scheme in Ballynahinch town centre.

Consultants will work alongside traders and community groups to come up with a set of proposals which have widespread support.

When a final design has been agreed, a business plan will be compiled which will be subjected to an economic appraisal by the Department for Social Development which has indicated it is prepared to invest £1.5m in Ballynahinch.

Down Council is expected to contribute around £500,000 to the project and the local authority's chief executive says it is important people in Ballynahinch have a key input at the start of the design process.

Mr. John Dumigan said the design team will be engaged in "extensive consultations" with people in Ballynahinch to come up with an agreed environmental improvement scheme.

"We want the business community and representatives from local groups to have their say on what happens moving forward," he added.

Concern has been mounting for some time about the lack of public investment in Ballynahinch and the increasing number of derelict shops in the town centre.

Confirmation a design team to take forward the environmental scheme has been welcomed by the head of the town's Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Mark Murnin said he is pleased the design team has now been appointed to take forward a scheme aimed at helping to revitalise the town centre.

He said he is also keen to see how the local community will have an input into the design process.

"This is good news for Ballynahinch and the scheme has the potential to make a real difference to our town," Mr. Murnin added.