Balance your Xmas fun with a little TLC ‘me’ time

Balance your Xmas fun with a little TLC ‘me’ time

21 December 2011

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas and the run up to it can be one of the most enjoyable and at the same time stressful times of the year.

And even when we are ‘enjoying’ ourselves, our bodies may not ‘enjoy’ what we are filling it with. The essence of Chiropractic is that the body is designed to be able to heal itself, however things such as late night parties, alcohol, processed ‘festive’ food and hectic

shopping schedules, all in the run up to the big day, can take it’s toll.

When your body is run down and ‘stressed’ then it is less capable of looking after itself the way it should. Aches, pains and niggling problems that just won’t go away can become even bigger problems when you add the stress of an office party or a late night shopping trip.

To ensure you have a good Christmas make sure you look after yourself properly and give yourself the best present that you could have — good health.

All too often we run around making sure that we have catered for all our family, friends and loved ones. We give them gifts, buy in luxury food for parties and make special meals to celebrate being together at Christmas. However, sometimes we run ourselves ragged catering to those around us that we forget to look after ourselves. Unless we have our health then we will find it harder to enjoy all of those Christmas festivities.

Some of the simple guidelines we can remember over holiday time would be to drink plenty of water, get plenty of sleep and have a little TLC ‘me’ time — run yourself a bath or read a book in some peace and quiet.

Try to balance your food intake by eating plenty of fruit and vegetables and nutritious foods and keep the festive foods as treats rather than meals. And most of all get your chiropractic check-up.

Chiropractic works with the nervous system which controls every cell in your body, so it makes sense to make sure that your whole body both inside and out is ready to enjoy the full festivities of the Christmas period.

May we wish you and your families a very peaceful Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

An occasional column by Brian McElroy, Doctor of Chiropractic, of Premier Chiropractic, examining health and wellbeing in modern day society.