BBC chatshow duo inspire Alex and Eve

BBC chatshow duo inspire Alex and Eve

11 November 2020

MOVE over Alex Jones and Matt Baker — there’s a new presenting duo in town.

Ten year-olds Alex Carson and Eve Wilkins are setting their sights as future broadcasters after presenting a promotional video on their school, Killinchy Primary School.

The confident youngsters won the prime presenting spot to help tell prospective parents all about the ethos of the school ahead of new admissions opening later this month.

Principal Chris Currie is delighted that the video has gone down so well on social media and how his school is shown through the eyes of his two engaging pupils.

“We realised that there wouldn’t be an open day this year due to Covid virus,” explained Mr Currie. “I began to think of a video as I had done some promotional ones for my previous school and as the pupils always show parents their school during open day, I thought that they should take the lead and present the video.

“I thought that it would be good to have a pair of students presenting it in The One Show fashion and that’s what we aimed for.”

In truly inclusive style, Mr Currie opened up auditions for whatever pairs of boys and girls who were interested with over 40 children being whittled down to six pairs who went through to the casting video.

He said that what set Alex and Eve apart was their interaction with each other as they are both great friends.

“All the pairs were very good and could have easily have done a great job but because Alex and Eve were naturally good friends, they bounced off each other and I knew they would be great,” he said.

“This was really about having some fun doing this and we all did,” added Mr Currie who filmed and edited the 11 minute video.

Alex, who is from Lisbane, and Eve, who is from Killinchy, both enjoy attending dance, drama and singing classes at the weekend and are confident in their presenting roles.

They worked alongside their principal in writing the , often making their own suggestions for the video.

Part of their technique was to to interview parents and their own principal in between showing off their school.

Eve said: “We wanted to show how we play and decided to put on a dance and a football outfit but we thought it would be better if Alex put on the dress and I was in the football outfit.”

Alex said that both he and Eve would be thinking of television in their futures and one of the best things about doing it was getting out of class.