Ardglass medium launches book about her psychic abilities

Ardglass medium launches book about her psychic abilities

25 July 2018

GLORIA Feenan O’Neill believes everyone is a little bit psychic.

The Ardglass hairdresser-turned-medium has written a book about her abilities, which she says developed late in life after losing her father.

Well aware there are many doubters out there, she is nevertheless confident that there are also many open to the idea of a life beyond this one – or have at least experienced things they can’t explain.

In her book ‘The Lone Wolf’ she covers the journey she has undergone in what she calls working with ‘spirit’ and hopes it will help others.

“I believe everyone has psychic abilities that go unnoticed or just not used to their full potential,” she said. “I also believe that everyone, if for the right reasons, may connect with spirit. That is what I believe. I would like to think everyone is blessed by this gift and maybe I am not so different after all.”

Whether in Ardglass, or the Murcia region of Spain where she is also based, Gloria conducts readings in which she attempts to connect people to loved ones who have passed to the ‘other side’.

Her book is full of stories of people she has met in the process, and their testimonials, and many of them are from the Downpatrick area.

Explaining how it all began, Gloria said her father’s death five years ago made her aware she could “tune in and focus in on the spirit”. Despite her father being in Spain when he died, she said she knew what had happened at home in County Down after an urge to phone and Facebook message him during the night.

“I never got an answer,” she explained. “Hoping that my feelings weren’t true, I knew deep down he had passed as I had felt him with me the whole night. I couldn’t get in contact with anyone until the following morning. I asked them to call to his house and then they told me what I already knew. He had passed in his sleep with his dog by his side. That was how he would have wanted it. 

“How did I know? I just did. As time went on I knew this wasn’t what everyone felt or everybody would be openly talking about it. I could feel him with me at all times. He was so close but I knew he had passed.”

Gloria said she enjoyed “lots of chats” with her late father and looking back believes she was fortunate to have that positive experience. However, it was also a little overwhelming.

Gloria said she realised, however, that that wasn’t the answer for her and has accepted what she believes is just an extension of her own “sixth sense”.

“There were certain things growing up I thought I saw,” she said. “It definitely was not as strong as it is now.

“I remember, for example, sensing children in the area of St Patrick’s Avenue in Downpatrick near the Cancer shop,” she said. “I would feel them, I wouldn’t hear anything. I would be interested to know what used to be in that area.”

Shortly after her father’s death Gloria details how she met a psychic called Roisin who picked up on her abilities and “threw her into the deep end” doing readings.

She may now be in demand locally and abroad but she is very clear on what she will and won’t do.

“I don’t predict the future,” she said. “It is up to us in our lives. Some predictions may be given by spirit as a blessing but it is not what I set out to do.

“You have free will and full control so always remember this especially when times are low.”

Sceptics argue that psychics provide often little details such as names and ages but Gloria claimed that can be a misunderstanding of how the process works.

“I feel, hear and sense spirit around me or around someone I am reading for and even sometimes around people I am just passing in the street,” she said. “My messages come in many different ways. When I see it it is in my third eye. I will see an image of a spirit in whatever way they want to make themselves known to me. They may stand beside their loved one, show me round their room and surroundings. Whatever they wish.

“Some spirit I may not see at all. I just hear them talking to me and I pass on what they have said. At times I am shown objects, hear a song or things that connect to me. It’s like a different language with no guide book. I have my guides and through working with them I just know what they mean. I am shown new images all the time. It involves trust and hard work to find the meanings and may also take some time to connect to what they mean.

“I don’t know why it is like that. I am literally just the middle person.

“I certainly do not remember everything about readings afterwards. Sometimes people come up to tell you about things afterwards that have happened but I don’t always remember the details of the reading.”

For the sceptics out there, psychics are never to be believed but Gloria is happy to point to the many reviews on her ‘Whispering Angels by Gloria’ Facebook page as evidence of her work.

“It is nice to get so many messages,” she said. “When people come back confirming everything you have said it gives me validation. When someone goes the extra mile in their review to explain what has occurred it’s nice as I always go the extra mile.”

She may have her fans but Gloria knows there are people who would look down on what she does.

“There is still a stigma,” she said.

She added: “I am Catholic, though I do not go to mass every Sunday. There are a lot of man made rules that have changed the church but I still believe in God and Our Lady.

“This is where I find some people think spirituality is a religious thing. To me it is a way of life, a connection with your spirit inside yourself, to live the best you can and treat others how you wish to be treated. My faith in God deepens through the work I do and with age I am pleased to say the fear of God that I was taught is no longer with me.”

And according to Gloria we shouldn’t be that surprised at making connections beyond the veil.

“A lot has change over the past 20 years,” she said. “Communication is changing. Nobody can be surprised with the way we are communicating now. We can communicate across the world.”

Gloria is married to Paul — they have three children and three grandchildren—  and she says her family has been supportive of her new career and book.

“I have not changed as a person,” she said. “They took it all in their stride.”

Gloria said she was also not particularly involved with or interested in what other people were doing in the burgeoning psychic world.

“For me I am a lone wolf,” she said. “As for fellow psychics I don’t follow any of them as I don’t want to be influenced by them.

“It is just a privilege to be able to help, and I hope that with The Lone Wolf readers will understand my journey and that there is so much more that we can learn beyond what passes as conventional reality.

“For those who don’t sense anything or maybe not fully open to it I hope reading the book will help you be more aware of the spirit world.

“If only one person realises they are not going crazy, then my job is done.”

The Lone Wolf is published by Excalibur Press and available through their website, online retailers such as Amazon or by messaging Gloria’s Facebook page.