Ardarragh foodbank donation

Ardarragh foodbank donation

6 November 2019

MEMBERS of the disability hub based at the Ardarragh Day Centre in Downpatrick have handed over a number of items to the town’s Fountain Foodbank.

The presentation was made recently to the foodbank’s co-ordinator, Shirley Lennon, by Anthony Sim and Tracy Hewitt.

Shirley visited the local centre where she gave an inspiring talk about the key role Downpatrick Presbyterian Church plays in the foodbank. Day centre users also enjoyed an engaging in discussion about the importance of supporting the local community.  

The local disability hub is a new pilot project within the South Eastern Trust area and is based in the Ardarragh Resource Centre located at the Downshire estate in Downpatrick.

The aim of the hub is to support people living with a physical disability, sight and hearing loss in the local area.

It meets once a month with local people who experience physical disability and sensory loss, as well as some voluntary organisations and some Trust staff. 

In addition, the Hub discusses courses and activities which people feel will improve their health and wellbeing through education, shared learning and peer support.  

Once arranged, the courses and activities are advertised in the local area for people with a physical disability and hearing and sight loss to come to. Course and activities are also open to family and carers. 

For more information on the disability hub contact Petra Fulton on 07595 609592.