Alexander the great in Newry

Alexander the great in Newry

5 September 2018

THE Newry Wheelers’ League came to a dramatic end on Sunday with with Shimna Wheelers’ Alexander McMath winning Group 2 in a classic sprint for the line and only being pipped at the last by Gareth O’Neill for the overall league finish. 

The season, starting back in April, has witnessed great racing from all Shimna Wheelers’ participants, all gaining points and showing great team work throughout three of the four race groups — chapeau to all. 

The craic and camaraderie has been first class from the whole team and the racing has been safe, well organised and great fun. 

A big thank-you to Newry Wheelers for the open invitation and for those members who fancy pushing their fitness and giving it a go I’d highly recommend the Newry League.