A young person could die from drugs, says councillor

A young person could die from drugs, says councillor

27 November 2019

FEARS have been expressed that someone across the district could lose their life to drugs.

Rowallane councillor Billy Walker revealed yesterday that he was handed a bag containing a small quantity of drugs which a distraught Ballynahinch mother had taken from her 17 year-old son.

The woman, who did not want to be interviewed, said her son became violently ill after taking one of the pills.

Cllr Walker has confirmed that he plans to hand over the drugs to a pharmacy and also inform police.

The councillor says he is concerned that drugs appear to be circulating in the Ballynahinch area and gas appealed to people not to be tempted or tricked into taking them.

“My biggest fear is that a young person could take seriously ill or even die after taking drugs,” continued Cllr Walker. “It is often said that there is no guarantee what substance many of the pills in circulation contain.

“If taken, people could end up with a life-changing illness or worse. Young people in particular should not be tempted into taking drugs. Those who know the identity of people pushing drugs, not just in the Ballynahinch area but anywhere across the district, must inform the police.”

Cllr Walker said the presence of drugs in any community was a matter of “grave concern” and it was particularly worrying that drug dealers were operating locally.

He also urged parents to be vigilant and instil in their children how to react if they find or are offered something suspicious or dangerous looking.

Cllr Walker added: “Those involved in drug dealing care little for the people whom they supply and have a complete disregard for public safety. Drugs in any community are unwelcome given the harm that they can cause.

“Anyone who can help police bring those dealing drugs  to justice must do so either by using the local 101 number or confidential Crimestoppers number 0800 555111.”