Mrs Eva Magee

MRS Eva Magee, who died at her home in Killough after a long illness, was an amazing and unique woman.

She was dearly loved by her husband, Denis, daughter Siobhan and four grandchildren, Hugo, Amelia, Monty and Felix.

Caring, supporting and loving of her family, tenacious yet fair in her approach to life and work and welcoming to all who her enjoyed her fabled food and parties, she had a hugely positive effect on others around her.

She was born to William and Bessie Mahood in Belfast with her twin, Jackie. With her sister, Hazel, and other brother, Billy, it was a strong, busy and loving family never short of sibling rivalry or support.

Whilst not a natural student, after school Eva’s parents sent her to Miss Elliot’s Secretarial School in Royal Avenue in Belfast. 

She committed to the course and emerged a highly competent and confident professional young woman.

During her career in education in Belfast, or working for the University of Ulster or Warwick University there wasn’t a problem that couldn’t be solved through a mixture of hard work, common-sense and self-belief.   

In 1964 Eva met her husband-to-be Denis rock climbing in the Mournes. A perfect match, they were bound together by their desire to have fun and enjoy life.  After their marriage in Belfast in 1968 Denis’ job took them to Enniskillen, Norwich, London and Warwickshire. The couple were blessed by the birth of their daughter, Siobhan.

In 1985 Denis’ career took the family to the United States and Eva was the lynch pin around which the family anchored itself.

The fondness with which all speak of this time is proof of Eva’s love and determination to establish strong family foundations away from home and make the most of what life had to offer.  

When the family returned to Northern Ireland, they set up home in Killyleagh. Here Eva cemented her reputation as a hostess ‘par excellence’ where she established the delights of the Six Nations Rugby Club Lunch for her close friends and family which still continues today as a ‘must do’ event in the spring calendar.  

If there was one defining characteristic of Eva it would be her love of family. From her love for her own family and the wider network of relations who knew her as Auntie Eva it was clear what made her tick and where her priorities lay.

Her love, support and devotion to Denis and Siobhan were limitless and her love for her grandchildren, as Mimi, was unquenchable.

Eva was a beautiful and caring wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend and beloved Mimi who touched the lives of many in this world.  She will be fondly remembered by all for her warmth, sense of humour, compassion and unmeasurable love for her family and international hostess of renown.