Margaret would be better talking to SNP members on chaos around ‘House of Horrors’

SIR, — I was interested to read last week that Margaret Ritchie believes that the “voice of Irish nationalism” needs to be heard in the British parliament.

Has she not seen the chaos that has engulfed the “House of Horrors?” Margaret would be better to have a conversation with her former colleagues in the SNP and ask them if the voice of Scottish nationalism has been afforded a respectful ear.

To quote the Scottish leader, Nicola Sturgeon, speaking last week about the need for Scottish independence, the “Westminster system is broken and it is broken utterly beyond repair”.

In 2017 the people of the North turned their back on the chaotic, broken Westminster system, instead recognising that Irish interests would never be served in a British parliament. I’m surprised Margaret didn’t get the message.

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1 Drumillen,