Anti-social behaviour not welcome

SIR, — In Ballykinlar we are very fortunate to have a playground for the children of the village to use and enjoy.

Unfortunately some youths decided to create some destruction to the equipment. Paint of an industrial nature was sprayed on the different pieces of equipment. 

Our cross-community group, with the help of Councillor Dermot Curran, fought long and hard to get this facility. Everyone who embarks on this anti-social behaviour should think long and hard of the consequences as they progress in life.

Our local councillors acted very swiftly in visiting the playground and pursuing the relevant departments to have the playground 


Our thanks to the council for their swift action. Unfortunately, there has been a spate of anti-social behaviour in the village area, which has involved throwing stones, eggs, etc at houses and windows.

We live in an area with a lot of elderly people and newcomers, who we welcome and hope their stay will be enjoyable. No one wants to see young people get themselves into trouble that would have an impact on their futures. I would hope that we can put this all behind us and that everyone in the area can enjoy the respect they are entitled to. We hope everyone will take note of this and we can move on from anti-social behaviour of any sort in our community. Perhaps we could keep an eye our elderly people, just to make sure everything is the way it should be.

Yours etc,


Ballykinlar and Tyrella 


Association Secretary.