Time to end senseless Killyleagh vandalism

SIR, — It amazes me that there are those who get pleasure out of destroying lights at the harbour walkway in Killyleagh.

Sadly, this is not the first time this has happened and I fear it may not be the last. It simply beggars belief that lights which are in place to make this beautiful part of the town a safe location are wilfully vandalised.

The latest damage will cost around £1,000 to repair with the bill picked up ratepayers. In the past, vital lifesaving equipment has been tampered with at the walkway, with vandals ripping canisters containing ropes which can be thrown to help people who may get into difficulty in the water from their mounting.

What on earth goes through a young person’s head when they set out to vandalise public property? Such behaviour is senseless and parents need to warn their children not to engage in such mindless activity.

It is also important that all young people in Killyleagh are not tarnished with the same brush as those who targeted the lights at the harbour. There are many good young people in the town who would never get involved in such anti-social activity 

as they are proud of where they come from.

Killyleagh is a wonderful town and those who engage in wanton vandalism are doing nothing to enhance its image. They must stop.

Yours etc,



(name and address supplied).