There’s hurt and anger over hunger strike rally

SIR, — Victims were deeply hurt by the Hunger Strike commemoration event held in Castlewellan last Sunday.

Indeed, there is widespread hurt and anger as a direct result of this terror-fest; the hypocrisy of Sinn Fein’s equality agenda laid bare as convicted terrorists were remembered and glorified as Irish heroes.

Each and every day I meet victims, not manufactured campaigners masquerading as victims, but truly innocent victims. 

Mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, sons and daughters who all have deeply moving personal testimonies to give. Their dignity, strength and determination stands in stark contrast to what took place in Castlewellan last Sunday.

I call on the PSNI to clarify what role it played — did it simply manage traffic, allowing organisers within Castlewellan to police themselves? 

To many, there is a clear difference in how Republican and Orange parades are policed. It is my understanding that the paraphernalia displayed in Castlewellan last weekend contravened an offence under parading legislation. Was any evidence gathered?

Republicans should reflect on the deep hurt this type of event brings to victims. There is no place in present day Northern Ireland for terrorist glorification, coat-trailing and triumphalism. 

Where is the equality and parity of esteem? Orange parades are restricted while Republican terror-fests go ahead unchecked and unregulated.

Yours etc.