Support local businesses going above and beyond to keep customers safe

SIR, — Local businesses are at the heart of our economy. We all depend upon them so much and we are so grateful for the services they provide, especially at this time.

It is more important than ever that we support local businesses and also at this time we must not forget the many others in various fields of work for their efforts during the coronavirus emergency.

Many have made and will continue to make sacrifices for others and the sense of community that has been displayed by so many people across so many professions over the past few months has been nothing short of outstanding.

During the current challenging climate, local businesses and various retail outlets have all gone the extra mile.

They have worked to comply with government guidelines and regulations to help people keep people safe at all times.

Crossgar is one particular part of the district where businesses have gone the extra mile to ensure that people are safe, whether shopping or out for something to eat.

The village is home to many businesses, many of them family-owned and it is important that we support them at this time, alongside other businesses across the district.

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