Sewage problems stink

SIR, — I read with interest your front page story on how Northern Ireland Water has put a temporary ban on new connections for homes and businesses over a concern that Saintfield’s sewerage system cannot cope.

The sewerage system can’t cope and the problem gets worse during heavy periods of rain like we experienced last week.

I know that I have personally seen the problem of sewage coming out of the manhole cover on the Old Grand Road during a downpour. 

It’s really disgusting and it makes me wonder if all our services are slowly crumbling in front on us.

While I welcome the fact that there are plans for a new drainage area planning system to be developed within 18 months, if I was someone who waited a long time to find a site and then get planning permission and the money to build a home, I would be furious at this ban.

We can also expect many a heavy downpour of rain between then so Saintfield people can expect more problems ahead.

It seems a long time since NI Water became a government-owned company with the promise of extensive maintenance on the antiquated water supply system.

I know there was an outcry when it was suggested that we pay for our water supply in order to finance the work that needed to be done.

Now I wonder when the idea will be raised again to pay for the work that is required not just in Saintfield but in other parts of Northern 


Yours etc,

Saintfield Resident.

(Name and address supplied).